I grieve for the people of Haiti.

The families torn apart. The destruction. The untold thousands of non-believers that never came to Christ.

I pray for them. For missionaries serving there, some whom have gone missing. For rescue workers risking their lives. For ordinary people going through extraordinary circumstances. For dangers and sorrows yet to appear.

I want to go there. I want to give more. I want to do more. But my faith is in a God who has a purpose for us all.

He wasn’t surprised by this. It didn’t catch Him off guard. It wasn’t a wrench thrown in the gears that are His perfect will.

He remains on His throne.

No earthquake, tsunami, plague, war, uprising, or act of man’s rebellion can change that. He has more than earned the trust of those who follow Christ our Lord. And He will be faithful forevermore.

It’s time for us all to ask our King how we may serve Him in this situation. And then do it.

photo © Reuters