Much of what I do during church is in the realm of the senses. Specifically, how things during a worship service look and sound. So, naturally, if little things go wrong, I take exception.

This past Sunday, the computer locked up and some of the words to one of the songs didn’t appear on the screens. We got through it, but I couldn’t help wishing that it did not happen.

A buzz in the monitor.

Out of tune notes.

Lights that are too dim or too bright.

Typos in the sermon PowerPoint.

All, if I’m not careful, tend to annoy me.

And the fact that these things have the potential to annoy me, well, annoys me, because it shows how spoiled I am.

When I think of the house churches and other gatherings of believers around the world that meet in living rooms, huts, basements… no musical instruments or PA systems… no padded pews or AC/heat… no Bibles…meeting in secret because persecution, prison, or death is a real possibility… I can’t help but repent. Repent, and pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Anybody else spoiled? Anybody think those scenarios CAN’T happen here?

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