Nothing particularly remarkable about the start of that day. I got to work at my usual time. Beginning a normal Tuesday doing marketing for a small software firm in Lexington.

Later that morning, the company’s webmaster, who occupied the desk next to mine, mentioned that a plane had crashed in New York City. My very first thought was, “Wow. Some air traffic controller really messed up.” Then events began to unfold, and we got a glimpse of the magnitude of what had happened.

The next couple of hours were a scramble for information. We frantically kept refreshing MSNBC’s website for info. I even went and bought a radio at lunchtime. We as an office eventually learned the wider scope and the evil intentions behind the destruction and needless slaughter of thousands.

Why am I writing this? I’m not sure. Maybe it is so I can show my kids when they get older and tell them about what happened. Maybe I’m just reliving one of those few worldwide events that billions share. Or maybe this is an exercise in remembering. If I can write about it, I can keep it fresh in my mind. Because I don’t want to forget. Because, if I forget, I might lose the connection between why we fight now and why we fought then.

Years have passed. I pray for the families of those slain. I pray for this country. I pray for it’s leaders, it’s military, it’s sovereignty. And I’m thankful that God remains on His throne.