Trust Him

Just a quick simple thought (I needed this lesson today): 

The almighty God we serve has a perfect plan for us. An absolutely perfect plan, because His plans can never be anything less than perfect, for He is perfect. I know I forget that fact all to often. 

His perfect plan does not have to be explained to us. His perfect plan does not need our approval or our comprehension. And it really doesn’t need our criticism, either. To trust Him completely is to remove our cares, criticisms, assessments, and disagreements with His decisions about our lives and live as though He knows what He’s doing! 

When we don’t understand and we are hurting, God welcomes us to cry out to Him, but not from a place of doubt. He loves us! He cares when we hurt! But He also knows the best way to make us more like His Son. And that is what we all should want.