Miracles and Sacrifice

I hesitate to even write this entry, because I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. I’m not making light of sacrifice.

As we approach Easter, I’ve been thinking about the cross and the grave. The other morning as I was getting ready for church, I believe God spoke into my life…

Anybody can die. 

The miraculous thing about our salvation and Christ’s death on the cross is not that He died. Two thieves died next to Him that day. Many others died before or since. Christ suffered like no man has ever suffered and died a death more horrific than anyone else has ever experienced. And He allowed it to happen. But was His death a miracle? Not really.

God the Son wrapping Himself in flesh and being born of a virgin? Yes, I would call that miraculous. Feeding thousands with practically nothing? Miraculous. Walking on water? Without a doubt. But dying? No. Christ’s earthly body started to die when He was born. Human flesh is finite and relatively easy to kill.

The miracle came three days later. Our Savior and Lord conquered sin, death, and the grave to pay our sin debt. The tomb where He was laid is empty today because our Messiah didn’t stay in there. The grave could not hold our King.

Pastor Johnny Hunt said it best when he said that churches might want to replace the cross on the wall with an empty tomb. I think I agree with that.

The story didn’t end at the cross. That’s the miracle. We should be forever grateful for the sacrifice our Savior made, and in awe of the fact that death couldn’t keep its grip on Him.