What I Have

I was just thinking last night. I have a warm bed to sleep in. A beautiful wife and friend lying beside me. A handsome son and beautiful daughter in the next room. A roof over my head. Two vehicles. Food in the fridge. Heat coming from the vents. A tv in practically every room. A phone and laptop to connect to the entire world. A ministry and occupation that fit me like a glove. Money in the bank. Good health. Few worries.

All of that absolutely pales in comparison in every way to the sacrifice Christ made on the cross of Calvary. When I accepted Christ at 5 years old, that was THE best thing that ever happened to me and ever will on this earth. My home is in heaven, and it is now one day closer to being my home than it was yesterday, to God be the glory!

No matter how good things are, without Christ they are worthless. It’s not what you have while you’re here: it’s where you’re going. You can’t take it with you, and you can’t stay.