Woodstock part 2

I thought I would take a minute to reflect on this year’s Men’s Conference in Woodstock. Over 6,000 guys gathered for what was to be a meeting only God could have orchestrated. Lives were changed. Men were saved. Families were reborn.

There is no reason those things couldn’t happen all the time in churches everywhere. That is, if we allow them to happen. Too many churches have a time-honored tradition of complacency. Too many churches are steadfastly standing still. No one repents because their sin is no one else’s business. Altars stay empty. Church members count on their pastors to bring people into the church to be saved: no chance they could be saved on their doorstep or in the living room during a visit from a friend. Gossip and backbiting are excused or ignored.

Why does it take a grand spectacle for God to work? Is he more powerful in a church with 15,000 members? Can lives be radically transformed in a church with 1,000 or 100 members? I submit they can. If we let go and let God work. If we stand firm and expect the Holy Spirit to do what He promised He would do.