Surrounded by Drywall

I like to listen to podcasts of sermons during my morning run.  It is the only time where I can listen with enough focus, and also when I desperately want to tune out the sound of me breathing. Yesterday morning,  I listened to Francis Chan preaching from Revelation. Francis is one of my favorite preachers,  […]

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Today Was a Great Palm Sunday!

What a great day at church! Our children’s ministry did a wonderful job on their Easter musical. Lyd had a solo on You Are My King, and Tony held the cross as two other boys knelt (I had seen it multiple times before and it still gripped me). Also, today was Lyd’s first communion as […]

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My Weekend

This past weekend, I got to experience two firsts… 1. I got to officiate my first wedding. 2. I got to attend a Korean worship service. These events happened concurrently.

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I Didn’t Watch the #SOTU

Sooooooooo not watching the #SOTU. No interest at all. — Jon Wellman (@jonwellman) February 13, 2013 That’s right. I didn’t watch the State of Union last night. Does that make me a bad American? Not really. Does that make me a good Christian? Not really. I just know how I react to things like that. […]

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