Can I Write a Book?

As a blogger, I know that I at least LIKE to write. Some of it’s good; some isn’t. That’s part of the growing as a writer, right?

But the thought of putting together a book’s worth of material seems daunting to say the least.

I have the basic framework for a book already. I have topic. I’ve done some research here and there. Done some reading on my subject. But is the fact that I haven’t really done a lot of writing just procrastination?

The way I see it, there are three things required to write a book. You may have heard these somewhere before…

1. Time. Obviously, it takes a lot of time. But it not only requires a time investment: that time has to be given up somewhere. Family. Job. Church. All take time. Is there room for more time to be spent on this?

2. Talent. As I mentioned, I believe I can write. But I’ve never tried anything like this. I guess, if you’ve never written a book before,  you can’t really know what it takes.

3. Treasure. There will undoubtedly be some financial investment at some point in the process. Since this is completely new to me, I can only rely on what I’ve read. Self-publishing seems like the way to go with a first effort. I have contacted a publisher of physical books, but the prices seem out of reach. Publishing a Kindle Single or something of that nature seems feasible, but will it be a product anyone will want? And is that even the point?

So many questions.