I’ve Stepped Back. Apparently.

I sit here, unwinding from a long day, grateful that my family is home safe from a trip to Kentucky, just thinking…

Why haven’t I taken time to write lately?

I have a bunch of ideas in Evernote, ready to be fleshed out. And there is plenty going on in my life upon which I could comment.

Yet there has been little creative synaptic action in the NoCamo regard.

I could blame it on #NWLC11 (search that hashtag for posts on that subject) and the fact that I wrote so much during the conference.

I could pin it on my church going to two services this Fall and our Block Party coming up in a couple of weeks, and all the assorted busyness involved.

I could think of any number of reasons why I haven’t written anything in a while. I just think I’ve needed a breather. As a blog whose purpose is to seek Christian transparency, I need to be honest with myself and admit that I needed some time to step back from the blog and refresh my outlook.

I am still committed to this ministry (yea, I consider NoCamo a ministry). And I’m looking forward to restarting my blogging workflow.

Stay tuned, loyal NoCamo readers! You too, not-so-loyal ones! 🙂