#NWLC11 Part 10 – General Session on Thursday with Buddy Owens

Thursday morning, Buddy Owens gave an amazing message. The premise? Stop using a Bible reading plan. He made a good case. Here are my notes…

  • If you want to be like Christ, you need to know what Christ is like.
  • Reading the Bible is reading God’s mind.
  • Stop promising God that you will read your Bible a certain amount or pray an hour a day.
  • Bible reading and prayer are not two separate activities: they are two parts of a conversation.
  • Read for depth. Not for distance.
  • Let the Word steep in your soul like a teabag in water.
  • Six Things to do when Reading the Bible for Depth, or when Taking a Scenic Drive

1. Fill your tank (pray).

2. Choose the road.

    • Stay in a book of the Bible until you reach the end.
    • Don’t rush the conversation.

3. Slow down and enjoy the scenery.

4. Pull off at a scenic viewpoint.

    • Read a passage repeatedly, emphasizing a different word each time.

5. Take a picture of yourself.

6. Send home a postcard (pray again).

  • When you worship an eternal God, you don’t need to be in a hurry.

4 thoughts on “#NWLC11 Part 10 – General Session on Thursday with Buddy Owens

  1. Hey Jon, I was there. Great notes and thank you for posting them! That was an incredible message by Buddy Owen.

    Here’s an interesting tidbit, I ran into Buddy in the hotel and he gave me his speaking notes on that message. If you’re interested I could send you a copy.

    Blessings on you, Rob

  2. My tardiness on keeping up with my BRP inspires guilt, which gets me going again…although my reading is actually more like detailed study; I enjoy it, but must constantly battle a shortened attention span. Just this morning, I was studying…. SQUIRREL?

    1. I’ve learned to give myself permission to restart or to divert my attentions to other passages as necessary. I mainly use my BRP to make sure I avoid reading the same passages over and over.

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