#NWLC11 Part 9 – Planning to Worship? Help People to Engage by Asking the Right Questions

On Wednesday, I attended Fred Heumann’s workshop. The full set of 65 questions that went with the session can be found at the NWLC website here. He also told us that his website will be updated in the near future with much of this information. Here are my notes…

  • It’s easy to go with the latest or greatest songs.
  • We have a pastoral responsibility as leaders.
  • Programming doesn’t create worship; it builds a platform for worship.
  • Always leave room for the Holy Spirit.
  • Environmental projection should be immersive, not distracting.
  • What are the words I want to put in the hearts and minds of my people?
  • People get their theology from what they sing.
  • Revelation / Response
  • Picking songs in awkward keys: the Tyranny of the Tenor and the Agony of the Alto.
  • God had a lot to say about the worship He prefers when He came to Earth as part of a Mediterranean race.