A Corner with a View


I decided to find a spot from which to work today that would not require any additional lighting.

The picture above is my view. You can see the window screen.

I read an article this morning about the history of man-made light and how it has shaped our society (I’ll update this post with a link later). It’s funny how I would read that article right after seeking a workspace with natural light.

I find myself increasingly enamored with a lack of technology in my life. Will this lead to a life of camping? Not likely. But I do find myself taking every opportunity to unplug, regroup, and embrace the real world.

I still love computers. I still love social media. I am still in awe of the wealth of information and opportunity provided by the devices that accompany us through life. But at the same time, I am more willing to justify my experiences away from a screen (typing this blogpost notwithstanding… does a 3.5″ screen count?).