Relying on the Unreliable


It’s that red light that is the issue.

After several minutes on the phone with tech support, during which time it could not be determined whether our lack of Internet or TV was the result of a regional outage or equipment malfunction, we are still without service.

I continue to be amazed at just how much I RELY on technology. I’ve had to rethink several plans for the evening based on my inability to get online or watch a channel. So many things in my life are synced, uploaded, downloaded, or otherwise virtualized.

I am old enough to remember when a computer was a luxury and the Internet was still several of years away from full utilization. Were things different then? Yes. Better? In some ways. During forced offline times like tonight, I would say that simplicity has it’s benefits.

Of course, I’m writing this post, so I’m STILL technically online.


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