I recently had to ask someone to redo part of a project because of an unnoticed doctrinal issue. I felt bad asking this person to change this item on short notice, but I had to for the sake of our church’s stance on Biblical accuracy.

Finding a balance between high standards and respecting a volunteer’s time is sometimes difficult. However, it is sometimes necessary to ask for extra effort in light of a need.

Here are some thoughts about maintaining standards via volunteers. It is by no means a comprehensive list…

  • Excellence┬áis not necessarily linked to a salary. Receiving monetary compensation does not guarantee high standards, just as the absence of a paycheck does not prevent someone from a high level of service.
  • All Christians are in the ministry. All believers are called to SOMETHING.
  • Maintaining a solid Biblical foundation is non-negotiable. Neither the church┬ánor I [do not] intend to compromise on Scripture.
  • A good volunteer WANTS to be stretched. If they are passionate about what they do, a good volunteer will desire to go deeper into the task to which God has called them.

I am still learning how to simultaneously maintain high expectations and respect the sacrifices our volunteers make. I intend to be more diligent in this area.