Fantastical Journey Part 5: What Is Orderly Worship?

I was not invited to be part of the panel discussion at Fantastical, but I wish I was. One part of the conversation had me itching to answer, but, alas, I had no microphone.

The question was posed by David Taylor: the Bible mentions that worship should be done decently and in order. Who decides? What is orderly worship?

Differing opinions were presented. Is it cultural? Style? Instrumentation? Skill level?

Here’s my answer: God makes it orderly.

In every circumstance and location where God is worshiped, He has ordained who is present. He calls worshippers to Himself.

I attended a breakout at the conference with the youth praise band leaders from Saddleback Church. They said that they stress the difference between “worship leader” and “worship pastor” to their students. A worship leader could potentially just show up to a worship service, lead the music, and leave. A pastor develops relationships and disciples others.

In my particular circumstance, God has called me to <edited>. He has called me to serve there vocationally as the Minister of Music and Outreach. He has blessed me with the privilege to serve my King and my congregation with and through music. He has gifted me with the talents, abilities, and Spiritual gifts with which to lead effectively. And every follower of Christ in our congregation worships the same God, who has called each of them to worship Him with me.

God has organized things to His liking in our faith family, as He does in every worship gathering. THAT is order. Our OBEDIENCE makes it decent.