Sunday Setlist 100310

Happy October!

I have decided not to do Sunday Setlist posts until Monday so I can include the songs from our Sunday evening youth worship service.

Morning Worship:

  • Come, Thou Almighty King (pre-service, instrumental)
  • Only a God Like You
  • Majestic
  • Your Great Name (by Natalie Grant, sung by my wife, Jamy)
  • Agnus Dei
  • Word of God, Speak
  • Glorious Day (by Casting Crowns, special)
  • Come Just As You Are

Youth Worship:

  • Jesus Saves (Jeremy Camp version)
  • In the Secret (I Want to Know You)
  • Be Glorified
  • East to West

link to Morning Worship Planning Center script

link to Youth Worship Planning Center script