Picking Christmas Music

It happened to me again.

Every year I doubt whether or not I will be able to find a suitable Christmas musical.

I think that time will escape me…

that every composer took the year off creatively…

that nothing will quite fit.

I’ve been proven wrong again (well, 99.99% sure).

I’ll try to describe the way this process goes every year. I collect many many many choral books, load a virtual ton of ripped audio onto my iPod, and hunker down for a long, complicated, convoluted process.

Then, early in the cacophony, one piece jumps out at me. Eureka moment. And I don’t even listen further.

God already knows what we need to sing to praise Him for His sacrifice. I’m just thankful for the way He points me in the right direction every single year. May He get the glory as we begin to prepare for December.