Why I (Virtually) Do What I Do

The idea to put up a website is a very recent one. It was kind of an accident.

I am a recent Mac convert/devotee. Through a series of accidents and discoveries, I had a rough website up, but the address was clumsy and hard to remember.
In the past few weeks, I have felt God leading me to write more on my blog, which has been live for a couple of years now. I do my best to tweet when I post something new, but that doesn’t benefit those who are not on Twitter or Facebook. I felt like there needed to be an easier way to point people to things that I write.
Now, if you know my name, you can read what God puts on my heart to write. I linked my existing blog to it (so I can write it on my iPhone, as I am doing now – very handy), added some other content, and the rough sketch was there.

Then the dilemma. I need to do this to the glory of God or not do it at all.

Yes, 99% of what I blog is of God. But there was something about having my name on it that could be perceived as ego.

Those who truly know me know my heart. There is NOTHING about me of any worth without Christ. NOTHING. Not one blessed thing. Any trait or talent of any value is a gift and a blessing from God. I serve Him with what He has given me as best as I am able through the Holy Spirit.

So I start thinking, “I gotta point this thing to Him.”

In addition to a blog that proclaims my weakness and His faithfulness, I added a page with nothing on it but the Gospel. I created an email account just for questions and prayer requests. And I pray that, when people stop by to take a look, they get a glimpse of God’s blessings on my life and His Spirit in me.

I am incapable of being cool. But I serve a mighty God. And sometimes He calls us to serve Him in awesome ways.

Bear with me in the beginning of all this. It’s a work in progress, to be sure. Ready or not, NOT A CAMOUFLAGED SOUL is live at jonwellman.com. Comments are welcome.