In Motion

Yesterday was a first for me. I have never led worship in motion before.

My church participated in the Catlettsburg Labor Day parade. Hundreds of people lined the streets of our little town. There were floats of every size under a hot September sun. We had a blast!

Our praise band was asked to play music as our group walked the parade route passing out bottles of water to parade-watchers. The trailer on which we had to set up was about 20 foot by 8 foot. Our praise band has 7 members, 6 of whom play instruments! Needless to say, we were a little crowded up there.

We managed to fit all of our gear and personnel on this thing. Then the challenge begins. Attempting to connect with the crowd, play my instrument, remember the words (didn’t get all of them, I confess), and not fall into our drummer’s lap with every stop and start was no small feat!

The payoff: I rejoice in the fact that we were able to minister to our community. I love the fact that we were able to give – we handed out 1,000 bottles of water to a thirsty crowd. I am proud of our praise band – not one complaint, nothing but joy in serving. And I am thrilled with the idea of hooking up some microphones, turning up the volume, and proclaiming the name of Jesus without shame. Singing “There’s no God BUT Jehovah” to whomever would hear. Can’t beat that.