I Told Her So

   I have been trying to get my daughter, Lyddie, to watch Disney’s Robin Hood with me on Netflix for a while. She is more of a Food Network (Cutthroat Kitchen, Chopped) or Disney Channel (Kickin’ It, Girl Meets World) kind of girl.Today, I finally convinced her. She didn't think she would like it.  She … Continue reading I Told Her So

I Will Never Hear Adele’s New Album

 When I heard that Adele’s new album would not be released to streaming sites like Spotify, I had one thought... Well, I guess I’ll never hear Adele’s new album. I am an all-in Spotify user. I figure, for the cost of one album on iTunes per month, I can listen to almost anything I want … Continue reading I Will Never Hear Adele’s New Album

Why Cheap Electronics Cost More

I thought I had it all figured out. I researched. I read reviews. I read more reviews. I wanted a small tablet. The iPad Mini had just been introduced, and I already had a first gen Kindle Fire for work. But I thought there might be a better way. So my research pointed me to … Continue reading Why Cheap Electronics Cost More

Ten Years

I have been married to Jamy for ten years today. If you had asked me eleven years ago if I was about to meet the love of my life, I couldn't have imagined how good things were about to get. Love you, Babe! I thank God for you.

Why Do We Sing?

This post originally appeared in The Loop, newsletter of Lexington Baptist Temple. Why do we sing? Why do we lift our voices in praise and adoration? When you stop and think about it, it’s a strange concept - talking with pitch and duration. Sure, some instruments have strings. Some you hit with a stick. Some … Continue reading Why Do We Sing?

Come Hear Us Sing!

The Worship Choir at Lexington Baptist Temple is presenting their Christmas Cantata on December 14th at 10:30am. If you can be there, I'd be thrilled. The choir has worked very hard, and it should be a good time of worship. Here's a list of the songs... -Christmastime -A Strange Way to Save the World -God … Continue reading Come Hear Us Sing!

Why Retina Everything?

I've used the movie Minority Report as an illustration on #NoCamo before. If you have seen the movie, you know that it is a good representation of the way many people believe the future will look. Myself included. Particularly, the fact that there is video everywhere! Isn't that what we think of when we consider … Continue reading Why Retina Everything?

Congress: Change is Not a Done Deal

Yesterday, the United States experienced a change in leadership, as a number of seats in the Senate and House of Representatives were gained by the Republican party, giving them control of the Congress. The election is seen by many as a mandate for the country to change directions, countering the leadership of Obama. So, will … Continue reading Congress: Change is Not a Done Deal

Guitar Player or Guitarist? Piano Player or Pianist?

“ist.” Three little words. But I believe they have lots of meaning. Well, they do for me. You see, I use those three letters to distinguish musical ability. I assign those three letters to musicians that I believe have the skills to make a living at their instrument of choice. For instance, I consider myself … Continue reading Guitar Player or Guitarist? Piano Player or Pianist?

Coding – a Journey to Somewhere

My journey into coding has begun anew. I've been working through Python lessons via Codecademy for a couple of days now, and I am really enjoying it. I had no idea how similar Python is to Basic, which I picked up a little bit in middle school. Also, I played around with Basic on my … Continue reading Coding – a Journey to Somewhere