Having God

I read an interesting statement during my quiet time today…

“O living God, I desire your presence this very day. Teach me to want the things You want for me, but to want You more than the things.”

This spoke to me on a lot of levels. If you are anything like me, our prayers are full of requests. Some are answered the way we like, some are not. But all are answered.

Ultimately, it isn’t important what we get from God, but that we have God! He’ll work out the rest, if we will just love and serve Him.

May it be true in my life that I will daily “cry out for the living God (Psalm 84:2).”

Pink Footie PJs

I sit in the emergency room with my daughter asleep on my lap. Cute little thing in pink footie pajamas. She’s had a hard day. Poked and prodded from every angle (literally). For now, she sleeps. She knows Da Da’s got this. She has no idea how hard it has been for him to “be anxious for nothing.”

She barely hears her daddy singing a song as she drifts in and out of dreams. “His strength is perfect when our strength is gone.” Her head is on his chest, so she can’t see the tears that well up in his eyes as he can’t get the words out. She doesn’t understand the love of God yet. For now, the love of Da Da soothes her.

God’s love soothes Daddy.


As this is my first post, I thought I would welcome all who read. In this space, I will be waxing poetic on whatever comes to mind at the time. My favorite topics are my faith, my family, my music, and my politics. Feel free to share your thoughts!

You won’t find much negativity or hurtful words here, because I have a peace that passes all understanding. Do you know the One who is our Refuge and Strength? Once this life is over, do you know where you will spend eternity? You can know now. Take a moment to call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus. He is mighty to save and loves you with an everlasting love…..JW