The Day the Nexus Died

So my Nexus died. I have referenced that tablet in other posts. How I loved that thing. How it suits my content consumption (and some creation) needs to a T. Well, that ceases to be the case when it seizes up after 18 months. #Google #fail Anyway, I contacted Google support and was given information … Continue reading The Day the Nexus Died

Learning Licks vs. Chord Progressions

Key of G. I - IV - V - vi - IV - V - I. If you play acoustic guitar in most youth praise bands in churches today, every song with the above chord progression will sound EXACTLY the same. Well, sorta. I've written on #NoCamo about the rarity of quality electric guitar players … Continue reading Learning Licks vs. Chord Progressions

Gungor, Middle School Choir, and The Greatest American Hero

When I taught middle school choir, there were times that I had my students sing music from other cultures and religions. I stressed the fact that, in some instances, a musician is an actor. I told them that, when they sing about God, they don’t have to believe in Him.But the audience needs to believe … Continue reading Gungor, Middle School Choir, and The Greatest American Hero

Getting Reacquainted This Morning

It's been a while since I've spent time on a keyboard that doesn't plug in.

My Coffee Cup

My cup. I liked it when it was brand new, and the logo was pristine. I think I like it better now that the logo is worn. Weathered. Showing its age. Not sure how I'll feel when the logo is gone for good. We'll see.

What Should I Write?

I have been writing #NoCamo for quite some time now. And though I primarily write for my own enjoyment and invite you to read along, I would like to ask... What would you like to read on #NoCamo? That's right. It's the opportunity for you, loyal reader, to request topics or to ask a question. … Continue reading What Should I Write?

Feeding the Fish

We got to visit Purina corporate offices in STL with friends Mr. Dan and Mrs. Debbie and feed fish in their coy pond. Fun!

Can I Write a Book?

As a blogger, I know that I at least LIKE to write. Some of it's good; some isn't. That's part of the growing as a writer, right? But the thought of putting together a book's worth of material seems daunting to say the least. I have the basic framework for a book already. I have … Continue reading Can I Write a Book?

Learning to Type Again

Anybody else catch 24: Live Another Day? (How's that for the intro line to a post about tablet blogging?) I love 24. Always have. And for many reasons.  But this isn't really a fan post, so let me get to the point. There was a scene early on in the series where Chloe met up … Continue reading Learning to Type Again

Tablet Blogging

I won't make excuses for the haphazard frequency of posting lately. It's a reality, but I quite simply haven't taken the time to write. Well, I've written some things, but nothing ready to publish. What I thought I'd do is shake up my processes. I think, for the next few posts, I will create, edit, … Continue reading Tablet Blogging