My Advice to the Other “Cast Members” of Duck Dynasty

I haven’t written a post about the comments by and the suspension of Phil Robertson, the founder of Duck Commander and one of the stars of Duck Dynasty. But, if you want to read an excellent take, here is what Dr. Russell Moore wrote on the subject.

Instead, I have some advice for the other “cast members,” now that Phil has been suspended from the show.

Use his name whenever possible when cameras are rolling.

Have you seen Phil this morning? Phil? Where’s Phil?

Let’s go hunting. Phil, you wanna go? Phil?

That’s some good tea. You know who else likes tea? Phil. Phil?

I wouldn’t give A&E 30 seconds of footage without his name mentioned, if I were on the show. So if you are on the show, and you Googled random unknown religious blogs for advice… you’re welcome.