Hero Worship and Autographs

I once attended a meeting where a spiritual hero of mine was scheduled to preach. And he did. Preached the roof off the place.

As I approached him after the sermon to meet him, I saw him speak to a teenager in front of me. The kid asked him if he would sign his Bible. He refused, saying that he didn’t write the Bible and was not comfortable signing a book he didn’t write, but would sign his book A) if they ever met again, and B) if he ever wrote a book.

He was called away to another engagement and could not stay any longer. But the fact remains that I ALSO was going to ask him to sign my Bible. I still call this man a spiritual hero. But while I understand his point, I disagree with his reasoning.

I have other signatures in my Bible. Men who have greatly influenced me and my walk with Christ. Men who have lived a life that exemplifies how a Christ-follower should live. Men who have done it right.

I didn’t ask them to sign my Bible due to hero worship or their fame. And I ABSOLUTELY did not ask them to sign it because I placed them on or above the level of my Lord and Savior.

When I think about these men or look at their names, I am reminded of what serving God is all about. Staying the course. Keeping the faith. Facing obstacles in the name of Jesus. And overcoming odds.

My pastor said something in his sermon yesterday that stuck with me. He said that he has grown accustomed to people acting differently when he enters a room, not out of respect for the office he holds, but because he has chosen to live his life a certain way.

Our lives are to shine a light into the darkness of this world. The men that have signed my Bible are men whose lights shine brightly for all to see. That is the kind of witness I want to have. That is the kind of witness my Lord and Savior wants me to have.

God wrote an incredible book. The names written in the front don’t steal His author credit.