On My Knees

Had my Orange Conference moment a few moments ago.

Just heard Perry Noble speak. That’s always a treat. Before that, Volunteer Rhapsody was hilarious (check the video). The other stuff was great.

But that isn’t what impacted me.

Have you ever had the Holy Spirit scream in your head? He did in mine.

It was during the music after Perry preached. I didn’t catch the singer’s name. I didn’t know the song. But it had a line in it about worshipping on our knees.

And then it happened. The Holy Spirit said, “When was the last time you hit your knees just to worship me?”

I had no answer. But I couldn’t shake the thought.

If you are reading this as an attendee of Orange, you know how cramped the seating is in the Gwinnett Center. So I didn’t hit my knees. I sat. And I wept. And I repented.

The easy defense could be made that we “bow in the attitude of our heart.” That’s fine.

But we are talking about God.

Our King.


I needed to bow.

I needed to hit my knees.