Thrifty Hair Dryer Uses

Silly. Waste of time. Unthinkable. Nonsense. No way.

Then I found myself using a hairdryer on my razor.

I saw a clip of Clark Howard on Headline News. He is a money expert, with tips on how to make your dollar go farther. He said to take a hairdryer to your razor to make it last longer, since they wear out faster if they are left to air dry.

My first thought was, Who has time to blow dry their razor?

But has anyone else PRICED razor blades lately? It’s crazy what they charge.

So, I had a few extra minutes the other morning. And I tried it. We’ll see what difference is made, if any.

The point? Sometimes methods that seem preposterous might actually work. To dismiss the inconvenient is to eliminate options and opportunities.

In ministry, this is a HUGE mistake. We should never rule out anything that could potentially impact the world for Christ. Christ Himself was innovative, don’t you think? Dining with tax collectors and prostitutes. Teaching the teachers. Paying taxes from the mouths of fish and feeding thousands from a boy’s lunchbox. All “outside the box” methods, to say the least.

My Gillette® Fusion™ had to get pampered for me to learn a lesson. I don’t even use a hair dryer on ME.