Korean Food and Heaven

Korean food is the best.

My mother-in-law is Korean. She has been visiting for the past couple of days. Every time she comes to visit, she cooks for us. Korean food is absolutely incredible, and she is a wonderful cook.

So, what could make a dinner of Korean food even better? This story…

At dinner table last night, Tony was telling us about his day at school. He told us that he got to tell his class about heaven. Naturally, this piqued our interest. We got him to explain what that meant.

He said that one of their spelling words for the week was “mansions.” He raised his hand and told his teacher that, when we get to heaven, we get a mansion. His teacher told him to stand up and tell the entire class what he said, and she actually wanted them to hear it (Side note: what a blessing for our son to have a Christian teachers in a public school!).

So he did. My eight-year-old son got to proclaim Jesus and heaven to his entire class.

If I stopped there, it’s an incredible story. But there’s more.

Then he said, Daddy, do you know how I know about that?

Because you told me.

That’s what it is all about.