Unoriginal Christmas Thoughts

Christmas is in two days and I don’t have anything particularly witty or poignant to say about it.

Is that a bad thing? I mean, Jesus’ birth has been lauded for over 2000 years. Am I wrong for not necessarily having an original thought?

Lately, in my conversations with people, I have been stressing the fact that the gift God gave us in the person of His Son is greater than any gift we could ever give Him back or ever earn. I could use this space to relate the fact that I could not imagine giving my child as a sacrifice for anyone and the amount of love that is required from the Giver of such a Gift. But are these thoughts original? Relevant, yes. But you’ve heard them before, right?

I’m almost positive there is nothing I could say in this space that is ground-breakingly, awe-inspiringly, earth-shakingly significant. (And yes, in case you are wondering, I believe that that hyphens and “ly” can make anything a word.)

Still, in the din of the bells ringing and cash registers chiming, I pray you all take a moment to meditate on what exactly Jesus did when He was born in that stable.

  • Leaving heaven’s magnificence.
  • Voluntarily taking on a human form.
  • Limiting His outward, obvious glory.
  • Subjecting Himself to time and temptation.
  • Misunderstood by those closest to Him.
  • Plotted against by the religious establishment.
  • Despised and rejected.
  • Crucified, with all the horrors and atrocities associated with it and the excruciating anguish produced by it.
  • Separation from God the Father, the ultimate agony.

All for the glory of God the Father and salvation for you and for me.

The perfect Gift.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! God bless you!