Church (& Baseball) Quotes

“It’s not the size of your church, but the life of your church that matters.”

Kerry Shook

“The uttermost parts of the earth can’t be found in our church houses.”

Jonathan Falwell

“Churches today are so stoppable.”

Francis Chan

“I’m not a doomsday guy. I believe the Church’s best days are ahead of her. I believe that God wants to do more in the next 30 to 40 years in the Church than He’s done in the previous 2,000. I believe the book of Acts in chapter 2… you know, how we read it, and 3,000 people received Christ in one day… I don’t think that’s what we should aspire to. I think that’s where we should desire to start. People go, ‘I’m not sure about the mega-church.’ Um, it’s in Acts chapter 2.”

Perry Noble

Folks, making a single, a double, a triple is unbelievably exciting, but nothing can compare with a home run. Yet in the Christian life, too many of us are content to become Christians and stay at first base as a Christian and as a church member only. Too many of us are content to stay at second: to study our Bibles, pray, worship in spirit and truth, and get plugged into a small group. Too few of us discover our spiritual gifts and get involved in ministry at third base. An even smaller percentage of Christians are home run hitters who make it all the way around the bases and come home… my deepest desire is that many of you would get involved in missions and become grand-slam Christians.

Edward Erwin