Useful: Testimony

“Take my life; lead me, Lord… Make my life useful to Thee. ”

I believe the Lord is focusing my thoughts lately on the concept of being USEFUL.

A big part of being useful is knowing the ways that we LIMIT our usefulness, our effectiveness. One of the primary ways we limit our effectiveness is through a weak testimony. If others question our motives and motivations due to indiscretions, questionable decisions, unresolved moments of weakness, or out-and-out moral failure, we cripple ourselves spiritually and, in effect, take ourselves out of the game.

As much as we sometimes like to mock him, it is important to remember that SATAN IS NO DUMMY! He knows we win. He knows he has no chance. He’s read the end of the Book. And He knows that he can’t loosen God’s grip of grace from His children.

But if he can turn us into Christianity Lite, he preempts our potency.

If we cease to be the salt and light Jesus called us to be in Matthew 5, we cease to offer the world an alternative. THE alternative.

If we intend to remain steadfast soldiers for the cause of Christ, we MUST…

  • Guard our testimonies.
  • Confess our sins.
  • Own up to our mistakes.
  • Admit wrongdoing.
  • Flee fleshly desires.
  • Guard our hearts.
  • Establish hedges of protection against weaknesses.
  • Die to self.
  • Get prayed up.


I desire and pray that God will use me in ways I can’t imagine or even see coming! I look forward to exploring how to prepare myself for whatever the God of the universe has in mind. I hope you’ll join me.