In Motion, Year 2

It is almost Labor Day, which, for most, means a day off work on a day where this country celebrates its hard work (always wondered about that reasoning… hmm…)! However, folks from our church will be hard at work that day. Our town, Catlettsburg, KY, holds a Labor Day parade every year with lots of festivities. Our church, Oakland Avenue Baptist Church, will be doing its part. Some of our boys will be handing out Pop Tarts for breakfast, volunteers will be handing out bottles of water and decorating our float, and the praise band and I… we will be strapping on our guitars, strapping down our drums, and riding a flatbed trailer through downtown!

Last year was the first time I ever experienced the sensation of playing music while moving, as I wrote about here. I am REALLY looking forward to this year! As I said back then, what a perfect way to proclaim the name of Jesus at a couple hundred decibels!

I am praying for excellent weather, a day free of technical difficulties, and hearts receptive to the Gospel. I will put video and pictures up the following week. Pray along with us! May He be exalted!