Book Review: Your Own Jesus

“Jesus is a person.”

This quote does seem strange, doesn’t it? We often want to think of Jesus as a foreign entity, absent from our lives, not caring what we think, feel, need, or do. We want Jesus to fit into our definition of Him.

That quote comes from Your Own Jesus by Mark Hall, in which he uses practical (and sometimes mind-blowing) illustrations and wonderful writing to compel the reader to develop a relationship with the REAL Jesus, not the Jesus we want Him to be.

The most gripping aspect of this book is the way it incorporates lyrics from Casting Crowns’ songs into the text, giving even more life to songs that already have lives of their own. We get to see the insight and inspiration behind the music.

This book unpacks powerful truth in a language that is accessible to all. If you have ever seen a Casting Crowns concert or heard Mark Hall speak, you will hear his voice on every page. He delivers the reality of Jesus in a concise and multi-faceted way. But he doesn’t stop at letting us know who Jesus is: Mark shows us how our lives should look BECAUSE of who He is. Sin, repentance and forgiveness, living a Godly life, commitment, accountability, prayer, evangelism… it’s all in there.

This book will stretch your understanding of our Savior. A must read.