Favorite iPhone Apps

Alright, I went and did it. Every blogger does it.

I’ve been on vacation for a week, so, to get back in the swing of
writing, I thought I’d list some of my favorite iPhone apps.

1. Tweetie/TweetDeck. I go back in forth between these two Twitter
clients. I use Tweetie for day to day stuff, and I like TweetDeck for
monitoring and searching.
2. Vlingo. Tweet via voice recognition. Works pretty well (sometimes).
3. Facebook. Hardly ever go to the web for Facebook anymore.
4. YouVersion. Incredible Bible app. Any translation you can imagine.
5. What’s On. TV listings. Simple and handy.
6. White Pages. Great ministry tool!
7. Around Me. Searches for various types of stores and restaurants
based on GPS location.
8. Birdhouse. Another Twitter client. Allows you to compose tweets
ahead of time and save them to post later.
9. Free RSS. I’m a blogger AND a blog reader. This organizes all the
blogs I read so I can pull them up anytime. Very cool.
10. Instapaper. My former pastor used to say that pastors should read two things every day: the Bible and the newspaper. This app helps with the latter. One click/tap saves the text from web pages like an RSS feed. I never have to print articles! How green of me! 😉
11. QuickOffice. MS Office-esque. Saves docs to iDisk.
12. RunKeeper. Keeps track of runs/jogs/walks, including GPS mapping. Thanks to Jeff Kapusta for the recommendation.
13. iDisk. View your iDisk files. New app, new fav.
14. Quick Signs. Just got this one. Lets you set up a mini slideshow
that advances with a finger tap. DEFINITELY gonna come in handy
flashing messages to instrumentalists and sound crew from the platform!

I won’t give details on games, but here’s a partial list… Paper
Toss World Tour, 20 Questions, Pocket Tanks, Backgammon, PingPong, FS5 Hockey, Lightsaber, Checkers, Manic Marble….

New off the wall app: Terminate Me. It lets you take any close-up photo of a person and give it Terminator battle damage. VERY funny.

So that’s it. Feel free to comment recommendations.