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I Take Myself Too Seriously

If you are a #NoCamo reader, you have probably noticed that I have slipped in and out of regularity with regards to posting (that sentence is very awkward, but I’m keeping it).

I’ve been trying to determine why. I could say that it is due to schedules, or Christmas, or, well, any number of things. But I think I’ve figured out the main reason.

I take myself WAY too seriously. Continue reading

Blogger Etiquette – To Delete or Not To Delete?

I have been going through some of the posts here on #NoCamo and editing for relevance. This has caused me to consider issues of authenticity and transparency.

Namely… when is it OK to simply delete, and when should text be crossed through?

Blogging is a living medium. By that, I mean that there is no printing press. There are no editions. There is no permanence. Edits are instantaneous and leave no eraser marks, as it were.

But I know of bloggers that make edits to posts and cross through removed words, effectively leaving them in the post so that the changes are apparent.

So, which is the best approach? Continue reading

Seven Tools I Use to Blog in Bursts

I tweeted an article a while back that wrote about Seth Godin concerning blogging. Seth Godin is a marketing guru, author, entrepreneur, and blogger.

The article talked about the fact that Seth writes every day. Whether it is drafting, tweaking, posting, or reviewing potential posts, he does SOMETHING every day.

If you’re like me, time is at a premium. It is sometimes difficult to write post after post and still be a present, in-the-moment husband, father, and employee.

With my current schedule, I find it easier to write in bursts of creativity as often as possible, and then to set my blog to post things automatically. Here are some of the tools I use to keep #NoCamo rolling along… Continue reading

I Am a Writer

I am going through Jeff Goins on-line workshop entitled 15 Habits of great writers (if you would like to join us, you can find day 1 here).

The challenge for today is a simple one… Call yourself a writer. Publicly and proudly.

Done. I am a writer.

Looking forward to the days ahead!

Being a Writer with a Small Audience Does Not Make Me Less of a Writer

I read the big blogs, and I struggle with envy.

Who wouldn’t? You see these writers that have people reading their blogs to the tune of thousands per day. Compared to that metric, NoCamo is TINY.

But that doesn’t make me less of a writer.

Jon Acuff, one of those big bloggers, wrote an interesting piece a few weeks ago about blog stats and what “average” actually means. It hit home with me. By his reckoning, NoCamo is above average. That’s encouraging.

I’m grateful for this forum. I love to write. And if people are encouraged, uplifted, informed, convicted, puzzled, engaged, enraged, or otherwise flummoxed by what they read here… bonus.

My goal here continues to be to write as a Christian in the world, bold and unashamed. And as God sees fit to use this medium, I’ll give him the glory for the growth.

Are you a writer? Does it make any difference how many people read what you write?

Blogging from the Breakroom

I’m learning that the various stages of blogging… ideas, mapping, drafting, editing, posting… can happen anywhere and anytime. It’s why I love this medium so much. It’s not that I have so much glorious information to share.

It’s the flow and the convo.

I enjoy the fact that I can sit down to lunch and, by the time I get up, I will have posted something unique that the entire world can see. Few other mediums allow that kind of immediacy.