#5Korbust – Final Thoughts

In my last post, I shared some pictures from my first 5K race.

Let me begin this post with the answer the question that no one has specifically asked, but that I have a feeling may be resonating in the #NoCamo readership…

Why are you talking about this so much?

Glad you asked. Or didn’t. Anyway, here’s three reasons…

  1. I have mentioned before that I am the type of person that never does anything halfway. When i put my mind to something, I am all in. So when I decided to try my hand at running, I knew it would be a weighty decision, and I was willing to invest whatever it took.
  2. Health used to be an afterthought in my life. No, wait. A NEVERthought in my life. I have come to a place in my life and Christian walk where fitness is not just a physical discipline but a SPIRITUAL one. When I look back at video or pictures of me leading worship or preaching with a spare tire, I dislike the God that my appearance portrays. Please understand: i am not speaking of vanity. I simply have come to a place in my walk where I do not want food or lack of fitness to rule me.
  3. I really enjoyed it, and I NEVER thought that would happen! And I like talking about things I enjoy.

Now for some thoughts about the race itself. These are random, so hold on for the ride…

  • I never expected so many people! When I hear the jokes about the average fitness level of my home state, it hurts my heart a little. It was encouraging to see so many people gathered with the sole common goal of exercise.
  • The race ran out of a couple of sizes of t-shirts, which meant my friend, Jason, didn’t get to take one home. That was a little disappointing.
  • The sheer number of people caused some logistical difficulties. We had to line up right behind the walkers, which meant that, when the race started, we were delayed by a significant amount. I spoke to someone else that ran the race who said that she started at the very end, but was able to scoot around the walkers and score a decent time. I’m certain our time would have been better if we had been able to line up closer to the front.
  • The race was billed as a 5K… but check my RunKeeper readout… Not quite! Now, I can understand GPS issues of a few yards. But I really wonder how far we really ran.
  • I had no idea how I would do in this race, but I feel really good about the result. I ran the entire time, and had some reserve left over at the end.

I’m already looking for my next race! Anyone have one coming up that they can recommend?

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