The Slippery Slope of Compromise – Why “Noah” Ought to be a No

NoahBy now, you’ve already made up your mind whether or not you will see the movie, “Noah.” Or, you have seen it. If you look around #NoCamo much, you’ll know that I’ve already weighed in on the subject.

A new aspect of this issue has presented itself: the Pseudo-Christian Cinematic Apologist (which will hence be referred to as “PCCA”). Continue reading

Why I Won’t Watch “Noah”

NoahI watched the trailer for the new film, Noah, eagerly anticipating what had the potential of being a monumental epic telling of one of the most fascinating events in the history of the world.

I mean, the promise of a worldwide flood. A man taking 50-75 years to build a seaworthy vessel large enough to hold male and female varieties of every kind of animal (and even more sacrificial animals). Noah, the animals, and Noah’s family entering the ark. 40 days and nights of rain. One year on the ark. Total annihilation of life outside the ark.

Why stray from that? Continue reading

#HalforBust – Just Do Something

This winter has been brutal.

There have been so many days I’ve wanted to go outside and run, but couldn’t because of the weather.

I know what some of you are thinking – suck it up and put on a coat. Well, I do that when the roads are not sheets of ice. I’ve fallen recently, and have no desire to put myself out of commission like that again.

So I’ve been on forced hiatus. Continue reading

Don’t Bring Jesus Into This

2014-02-08 13.45.33Tony has finished his basketball season. I’m really proud of his hard work. He has shown a great deal of improvement – the whole team has. It has been a great season.

On the day I began drafting this post, he was in the tournament. For their first game, they played a team that they have beaten during the regular season.

As with any game, there were some questionable calls going against both teams. Officials are imperfect people – they make mistakes just like anyone else, and their decisions are subject to interpretation.

On this particular day, some parents decided to take the responsibility of rebuking the refs upon themselves. Continue reading

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